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Degree in Information Technology, web developer since 2008, web lover and passionate on object-oriented software design with best practices. I like to attend PHP and Javascript conferences. Active member of the Roman PHP user group (PUG Roma) and JavaScript User Group (RomaJS). Specialties: PHP, Javascript, Node, OOP, Symfony, Doctrine, Next.js, Fastify, TypeScript, Mysql, CI/CD, TDD and agile methodologies.


Principal of DevEx Team

ott 2022 - Present, Rome is Italy's No. 1 in real estate listings. It has been launched in 2007, preceded by in 2005, with the aim of offering the best platform for publishing and searching for real estate listings. Since its launch, most resources have been invested in the development of the technology able to improve the real estate search experience, now used by millions of Italians every month.

I coordinate the activities of Developer Experience (DX) Team, a team of super specialized collaborators with different technological skills. Our mission is based on research and the creation of tools and standards in order to improve the developer experience, spread technological culture and raise awareness of topics such as: security, quality, innovation and automation. The DX team interprets and facilitates the methods through where developers live and perceive their work every day. The goal of our team is in fact to optimize performance and make the management of activities more agile, with a view to continuously improving the quality of work of fellow developers: they are our end customers. We love Open Source and everything we make follows its principles whether it is released in our GitHub organization or in our internal instance of GitLab.

Technologies/Platforms: php, javascript, node, typescript, sass, react, symfony, next.js, fastify, docker, kubernetes, mysql, memcache, redis, nginx, gitlab, ci/cd, backstage, ansible and terraform.

Tech team site:

Team Leader of Software Development

dec 2019 - ott 2022, Rome is the No. 1 in Italy as the search engine for the real estate, with over 1,2 million real estate ads and more than 40 million visits per month on websites and apps.

I coordinate the activities of a team of super specialized collaborators with different technological skills. Together we make decisions and create software, tools and guidelines that other colleagues then use and apply on all the products of the group. We are mainly oriented towards automation, server side services and quality assurance.

Technologies/Platforms: php, mysql, nginx, symfony, twig, javascript, node, docker, kubernetes, webpack, sass, solr, memcache, redis, gitlab, phpunit, behat, ansible.

Tech team site:

Lead Developer

sep 2016 - dec 2019, Rome is a search engine for the luxury real estate with over 300.000 luxury homes in over 120 countries.

As Lead Developer, I oversee the development of the product, with great attention on how to write maintainable code, high quality and performant. Experiment and find new solutions to boost the business and interact with other departments. I take care of the frontend integration and production releases, I also review the code that gets included into our codebase: thanks to Gitlab and the merge request mechanism, that help developers communicate with each other efficiently assuring personal and team growth.

Technologies/Platforms: php7, mysql, nginx, symfony3, twig, javascript commonjs e amd, node, npm, bower, grunt, webpack, sass, jquery, bootstrap, solr, memcache, git, capistrano, bash.

Tech team site:

Front-End Web Developer

jan 2014 - aug 2016, Rome is the number 1 in italy as the search engine for the real estate, with over 1.200.000 real estate ads in Italy and Europe.

As web developer, I worked at the front-end team on many features. I also took care the refactoring of backoffice for the real estate agencies (

Technologies/Platforms: php5.*, javascript commonjs e amd, node, npm, bower, grunt, webpack, sass, jquery, bootstrap, html5, twig, symfony2, git, linting, karma, phantomjs, mochajs and jasmine.

Tech team site:

IT Division Manager

jan 2012 - dec 2013
Mebius IT, Rome

Software engineer, analyst, design of relational databases and developer on business management: PHP, MySql, ZendFramework1, Doctrine1, PhpUnit, XHTML, Javascript and CSS.

Web Developer

may 2008 - dec 2011
Mebius IT, Rome

Web developer on business management with PHP, MySql, HTML, Javascript and CSS.


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